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I kind of think of this as a caricature….

Jonathan Rhys Meyers kindaby elysion

A pic of Jonathan Rhys Meyers done in Adobe Photoshop. I used a picture of him as Steerpike from Gormenghast as a source, but didn’t like his hair and so changed it. I also changed his clothing. Probably the closest I’ve ever gotten to doing something realistic…

True Blood vs Dracula


Don’t you think that Brian Buckner wanted to recreate the scene when Mina Harker kills Dracula in Dracula (1992)?? He failed, of course, if that was his intention, because Dracula and Mina’s story has nothing to do with Bill and Sookie’s relationship. But I think he wanted to…

hmmm…..I hadn’t even thought about that..but I see the similarity.

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